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Integrated Payor Solutions delivers the most innovative enterprise class cloud technology available for medical claims processing.


50 years of experience

in the  healthcare industry

With 50+ years of combined experience in the healthcare, financial services industry and cutting-edge systems, Integrated Payor Solutions delivers the most innovative enterprise-class software available for medical claims processing and is the foundation for our revolutionary healthcare offering for insurance companies, third party administrators (TPAs), employer groups, stop-loss insurance companies, providers, and accountable health care organizations (ACOs).

Our medical, insurance, technology industry background and real-world medical management experience are the backbones of our solution. Powered by an interactive cloud-based platform that helps our decision makers compile useful information from a combination of raw data, documents, personal knowledge, to identify, solve problems and make decisions.

Integrated Payor Solutions orchestrates integrated workflows across the healthcare management cycle from patient visits and coding to authorizations, processing, and payment - enabling a whole new way of collaboration. Innovative technology and exceptional talent create a winning combination where everyone benefits.



Integrated Payor Solutions enterprise-grade platform and cloud-based technology deliver comprehensive performance, availability, and scalability!

At Integrated Payor Solutions, we believe that a multi-faceted approach to evidence-based claims analysis is essential. Our subject matter experts in clinical, regulatory, legal, and financial healthcare data management are the key to providing the highest quality medical reviews. We can help you stay competitive and increase your operational efficiency to get in front of the rising healthcare costs. We are proud of our outstanding, customer-focused service. We work closely with our clients' staff to thoroughly understand your business process, to ensure your configuration and implementation is successful.  


Integrated Payor Solutions automates complex health plan benefit configuration and payment calculations to drive high auto-adjudication rates minimizing the risk of incorrect payment of claims. Focused on the end-user, our platform allows configurable alerts, automatic audits, risk assessments, detailed reporting allowing compelling savings. 
Our solution combines the use of analytic techniques with data access and retrieval functions that are easy to use, flexible, and adaptable to the rapidly changing health insurance industry.
Use current ICD-10 codes, insurance provider guidelines, documents, physicians’ notes, and raw data to manage the claims process efficiently and accurately. We can integrate Integrated Payor Solutions with other applications utilized in your business. No one else offers the breadth of data in once place.
Integrated Payor Solutions Answers
Provide the right information at the right time in healthcare delivery cycle.
Integrated Payor Solutions Standardizes
Eliminate human error and paper work adopt to healthcare market changes with speed and scale.
Integrated Payor Solutions Organizes
Make factual decision on claims reviews and streamline medical management processes.
Integrated Payor Solutions Accelerates
Reduce manual processing drastically and speed up your medical management process.

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